COCO LANE jewelry reflects the mystery of a woman. A woman who isn’t afraid to be herself, a woman who lets her inner beauty shine through. Inspired by the lines of modern architecture, COCO LANE is a Force, She is Bold, She is Edgy, She is Iconic… She is you.

COCO LANE was introduced at the Toronto International Film Festival. Our limited edition release seduced starlets and provided the inspiration for our first collection.


Attire, tattoos, makeup, and other body decorations are the means we use to achieve a particular social status, to use as a personal expression, cultural expression, and serve as an indicator for personal achievements or deep commemorative meaning. They’re the types of artifacts that express individuality in way words cannot. But, nothing helps one stand out in the way that a dazzling piece of jewelry does. - See more at:

Interview with Danielle Lenchner of COCO LANE.

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